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I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

From the Times:

The new report sheds light on the beliefs of the unaffiliated. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, 70 percent of the unaffiliated said they believed in God, including one of every five people who identified themselves as atheist and more than half of those who identified as agnostic. [Emphasis added.]

Huh? Twenty percent of athiests tell a pollster that they believe in God? Something has to be wrong.

Hat Tip: TNR


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Weird Borders

Did you know there is a little part of Kentucky that is non-contiguous? I didn’t either, but via Waldo Jaquith I see that there is the odd little enclave, called the Kentucky Bend.

Yep, that little bubble of Kentucky that is wedged in between Missouri and Tennessee is real. It was caused by the 1812 New Madrid earthquake, which moved the Mississippi river after the borders were settled.

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