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The First

I’ve got to say that Dahlia Lithwick makes a good point about women and the Presidency:

We all know these double standards exist for females in public life—voters demand toughness but not bitchiness, confidence but not shrillness, authenticity but also glamour. If the Clinton candidacy has taught us anything, however, it’s that a woman can straddle all those irreconcilable demands and still win. She can win more than 16 million votes in the primaries and around 1,779 delegates. Clinton has shown that a woman can win huge at the ballot box and bring in huge money, and even if Obama ultimately secures the nomination, those facts will not change. Faced with all that evidence of success, how do the naysayers prove it can never be repeated?

Hillary Clinton has been just about the most successful non-winning primary contender in history. In a presidential nomination process dominated by spin, momentum and the media she has taken to race all the way to the finish line. She just ran into a candidate who designed and executed a near perfect campaign strategy and who hit the campaign finance motherload. Unlike Jesse Jackson in 1988 she didn’t lose because there were broad swaths of the primary electorate that wouldn’t vote for her. She lost because there was a candidate running who was, very marginally, more attractive. That she lost doesn’t say that no woman can ever do it again. It says that a woman has a great shot in any year where as talented a politician as Barack Obama isn’t running.

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