Really? You Can’t Figure it Out?

Jeffery Goldberg must be pretty dumb. He can’t figure out why the people of West Virginia would mistake his attack on Walmart with an attack on West Virginians.

It’s interesting to me how many people conflate an attack on Wal-Mart with an attack on their community. I suppose this just how the malevolent merchants from Bentonville, Ark., would have it.

Uh, maybe it’s because you wrote this:

If you want to see the underside of the unregulated capitalist economy, the people who can’t find the non-existent escape ladder from poverty and its pathologies, visit the Martinsburg, West Virginia Wal-Mart. Morbid obesity; spontaneous, public bouts of corporal punishment directed against dirty children; ten-year girls dressed as whores; tattoos running up necks and down legs; smoking like you only see these days in Baku; it’s all here.

Do people where you come from usually appreciate being called obese, tattooed, third world level smokers who have dirty whores for children? You may be criticizing Walmart while you’re at it, but if you can’t figure out why West Virginians might not be happy with that post you must be a fucking idiot.

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