It’s the Accountability Stupid

TChris at TalkLeft wonders about No Child Left Behind:

But as important as science and math may be, isn’t it equally important for students to understand the basic structure of government and to have a fundamental grasp of the United States Constitution? Aren’t children being left behind if they don’t know that the Constitution protects rights and imposes limits upon governmental authority? What is the purpose of a law that focuses on “core” subjects like reading and math while neglecting a subject that is equally important to a functioning democracy: the workings of American government and the role that voters are supposed to play in shaping it?

The answer really is simple. Congress writes the laws, and on a more general level politicians set education standards. Is it really a surpise that they have set up an educational system that allows kids to graduate with very little knowledge of how American government actually works, which might lead them to actually demand accountability from those same politicians when they tread on the bill of rights or overreach the limits of their power?

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