Senator? John McCain

When asked to differentiate himself from George Bush the first thing that John McCain always cites is global warming and the environment. It’s his standby. So, he should have a pretty good score on the Republicans for Environmental Protection scorecard, right? Not quite:

Yesterday, Republicans for Environmental Protection issued their annual scorecard for 2007.

Party standard bearer Sen. John McCain missed every vote they scored. (For more on that, see here.)

So what did REP do? Give him a score of zero? No, they just didn’t score him at all.

Not one environmental vote in all of 2007? Thats pretty bad. Well I’m sure he’s doing better this year. I know I’ve heard something about him supporting the Lieberman-Warner bill that’s winding its way through the Senate right now. Oh, he’s not going to show up for the vote? Why?

“I have not been there for a number of votes. The same thing happened in the campaign of 2000,” he said. “The people of Arizona understand I’m running for president.”

We get real leadership from that John McCain, don’t we.


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