I Knew the GOP was in Trouble…

But this is just crazy. Mitch McConnell is losing to serial candidate, two time gubernatorial loser Bruce Lunsford. Mitch McConnell. The GOP leader in the Senate.

Now, its very, very, very unlikely that McConnell will actually lose. But the fact that this is even remotely competitive is astounding. Lunsford is only the nominee after Democrats tried and failed to get the Attorney General and State Auditor to run. If McConnell is forced to spend real time and money defending his Senate seat that will be a huge win for the Democrats. Combine that with polls showing competitive races in Texas, North Carolina and Mississippi, none of which are top tier opportunities, and the Republican party really is looking at a potentially historic wipeout this fall. Already, Democrats have great chances of picking up seats in Virginia, New Hampshire and New Mexico. Add to that strong, possibly favored candidates in Colorado, Minnesota and Alaska and strong, longer shot candidates in Maine and Oregon and there are a solid 12 seats potentially in play for the Democrats. 60 seats is still incredibly unlikely, but now the Democrats only have to win 75 percent of the seats in play to make it happen. Thats doable.


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