Jim Webb Has John McCain Over a Barrell

This is a pretty damn effective ad against John McCain, in my view. It exposes a real weakness of McCain’s. As Hilzoy notes:

Short version: during the last four years (all I checked), McCain has supported basic appropriations for vets. However, when there are two competing proposals, he generally chooses the cheaper one, and often, when only one proposal to increase benefits is available, he opposes it. But, as Beutler says, this doesn’t seem to be because he is in general in favor of fiscal discipline: in 2006, in particular, he voted against several bills that actually tried not just to increase spending on vets, but to pay for it, in one case voting for an identical bill that was not paid for.

If you think that we ought to be spending more money on veterans’ benefits and health care, it’s not a very good record.

Given John McCain’s public image, this line of attack can be very effective. McCain has an image as a veterans advocate, but his record is really not all that good.


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