Howard Wolfson is right

I can’t quite believe that I’m actually writing this, but Hillary’s spokesman Howard Wolfson actually got something right about Hillary’s gas tax proposal. He said that the gas tax issue is “”an important policy difference that says something larger.”

He’s right. It says that Hillary Clinton, his boss, is a political whore. Barack Obama and his campaign have said it before, but never really pushed on it, but they’re right. Hillary Clinton really will say and do anything to become president.

The gas tax pander is the most recent and perhaps the most egregious. But it is hardly the only one. See, for example, Hillary’s response to Obama’s “bitter comments.” She could have sat back and let the media have a field day. They certainly would have, even without Clinton jumping on the issue. Instead, she chose to do the Republicans work for them. She chose to portray the likely Democratic nominee as an out of touch elitist. Hillary is right that the last two Democratic nominees have lost because they were successfully portrayed as elitist.

But Barack Obama is no elitist. How many serious presidential candidates have still been paying off their student loans less than 4 years before they ran for president? How many chose to go and work in poor neighborhoods after college, making a salary of $10,000 a year, when they could have had a job at almost any Wall Street firm. How many were raised by a single mother? Is Barack Obama an elite? Sure. He’s a member of the US Senate (not an institution known for its large percentage of average Joes) and is running for the presidency.

Hillary has done this on politics. She has gone from agreeing not to count unsanctioned primaries in Michigan and Florida, a policy supported by her close advisers Harold Ickes and Terry McAuliffe supported, to arguing to count them now that she needs them to improve her slim chances of winning the nomination.

Hillary has done this before on policy as well. Her pandering on Iran is nearly as bad. She has deliberately chosen to rattle the saber again and again, from her vote on Lieberman-Kyl to her recent threat to obliterate Iran were they to attack Israel. She’s done it on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. And, most damningly, she did it on her vote to go to war, without even having read the national intelligence estimate.

Hillary Clinton is willing to say anything to become president. She has proved it again and again in this campaign by putting politics before principle. Do we really want someone so blinded by ambition to be our next president?

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