Support the Troops?

The GOP loves to hammer Democrats over their refusals to “support the troops,” and everyone “knows” that Republicans love our troops and work hard to ensure that they are treated well when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan. Never mind Walter Reed, Fort Bragg, stop loss policies and the myriad other disgraces that have occurred on the GOP’s watch, they just love to support the troops. And of course John McCain is the leader of Republican pack when it comes to supporting the troops, right? So why is he refusing to sign on to Jim Webb’s bill to create a new GI Bill to send Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to college? The bill that has 56 co-sponsors in the Senate? Including numerous Republican co-sponsors like Norm Coleman, Susan Collins, Pete Domenici, Chuck Hagel, Dick Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, Gordon Smith, Olympia Snowe and John Warner? Why? Because he’s worried that letting veterans go to college would “negatively affect retention rates?” Is that supporting our troops?


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